Brazil wins back fans

Brazil has managed to win back their fans by winning the gold medal at the Olympic football tournament.

This comes after their disastrous campaign at the last World Cup where they were humiliated by the German team on their home ground. This time, they managed to beat the same country in the Olympic final and win their first ever gold medal at the Olympic tournament.

Although the Olympic football tournament does not have the same prestige as the World Cup, it will be a boost to the fans morale after their poor World Cup campaign. In a country where people breathe football, it is important to win a football tournament, and this is what the national side did in the Olympics.

Now fans will be hoping that the good form will be translated to the senior team and that they can have a good World Cup qualifier. There are currently trailing the leaders in the table, and they will want things to change in the next round of matches. They will be looking again towards Neymar to inspire them on the pitch, and they will be hoping that they can get a good run of form.

Neymar, however, has told the Brazil coach that he will not be captaining the side again. He said that it was a pleasure for him to have helped the team win the gold medal at the Olympic football tournament and that it will be better for the team as well as for himself to have someone else leading the side. He also added that winning the gold medal was a way for him to silence his many critics.

Many pundits believe that this is a good idea to give the captaincy to someone else. This will allow the Barcelona forward to focus on what he does best.