Brazilian football currently in decline

Brazilian football is currently in turmoil and would want to make changes so as to be competitive again. Some pundits have argued that this is the fact that Brazil is trying to copy the tactics of European formation, and this is causing a decline in the quality of Brazilian teams.

Indeed, except Neymar, there are no true world class players that are present in the team. And even Neymar may not get a place in the great 1970 team. They currently have players that are physically strong and athletic, but they lack players that can dribble or make a killer pass.

Other South American sides such as Argentina with players such as Messi and Aguero, Chile with Alexis Sanchez and Uruguay with Suarez have more technical players. These players can influence a game and win a game on their own.

Brazil has always offered us these kinds of players and so far there has been a shortage of them in the national side. The humiliating defeat by Germany on their home soil should have prompted changes in the way they develop new players, but instead, it has been more of the same.

The appointment of Dunga as the national coach has only made the situation worse. Dunga has been more concerned about playing a defensive game, but he simply does not have the player for it. As a result, the Brazil team struggles to control match and score goals. They are currently 6th in the qualifiers and has only won 2 games from their first 6 matches.

So far Brazilian fans have not been convinced by Dunga and only a result at the Olympics can help prove that the national team is progressing and that they will be able to perform at the next international tournament.