The most urgent physiological agency in the world must be the one in charge of making you fight back whenever you are down. It is common for people to resort to that kind of escape by boldly facing your enemy just to put an end to any further humiliation.

After Brazilian side Gremio were humiliated in South America’s version of Europe’s UEFA Champions League called the Copa Libertadores, they bounced back by trashing their fellow country club Botafogo 3-0 on Sunday in Porto Alegre.

Asides from the fact that Brazilian football and South America’s or just about any competitive soccer outside the giant European bubble continues to piss-poor representation of the Beautiful Game, Gremio’s win remains as favorable as they want it to be.

The money and the endorsement deals may not be there but the memories are sure etched into the club’s books.

Cooperation within a team is the most important trait any football club can have should they dream of overcoming any kind of competition posed by an opposing team. That quality was sure felt when Luciano slid through the cleverest of passes for his team mate Maicon to put past Botafogo’s goalkeeper.

At times though, the opposition can be so poor that you don’t even have to do much of the work inorder to overcome them. At such point, even the football gods are likely to throw their hands in the air, leaving you to do as you please.

Thaciano’s goal in the 71st minute remains the easiest goal he might score against any opposition for a very long time to come.

In any case, three points is three points anywhere and what that particularly does for you is that it boosts either your standing in the league table or at least your team’s confidence for their next match.

Luckily for Gremio, it did both.