Ventura wants more from Botafogo

Botafogo manager Jair Ventura wants his players to fight more on the pitch.

He believes that he has a good squad and that the players need to learn how to fight for the ball. He said that they have managed to do it on some occasions, but he wants to see the same mentality in all the matches.

Indeed Jair Ventura was excited when his club managed to win a game against Sports Club despite the fact that the opposition team was leading. Botafogo managed to equalize and win the game despite playing with 10 players.

Ventura said that this was a great performance from his team and that he wants to see a repeat of this in each and every game they play. He believes that the team has great potential but that all the players will have to give their best on the pitch.

Ventura said that he wants all his players to be fighters and to not surrender until the final whistle of a game. He believes that Botafogo can improve a lot if all the players decide to give their best on the pitch and follow his instructions.

Concerning the current campaign, he said that he is quite satisfied with what his players have achieved, but he feels that they could have done better. He said that they had conceded some cheap goals that have prevented them from winning some matches which they have drawn.

He feels that if his players were more focused, they could have ended the season higher in the table. However, he does not want to repeat the same mistake next season.

He stated that he will be strengthening the team during the summer and will be looking for players that can bring a winning mentality in the team.

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